College Right After High School Is A Much Better Option Than Joining The Armed Forces

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I. Attention Getter – Do not join the military, go to college if you can! II. Motivation for Listening – A major controversy in today’s society is there any value for a high school graduate to continue his or her higher education or should they join the armed forces. III. Establish Credibility – According to the article joining the military to pay for college carries serious risks, “It seems it is not just this writer’s humble opinion, but rather a general consensus that joining the military for the sole purpose of GI Bill benefits is something strictly advised against” (Anderson). “About 60 percent more college grads joined the Navy last year than in 2007” (Tomsic). IV. Thesis Statement: After High School continuing your education is the way to go. V. Preview of Speech (Main Points) 1. Today I will talk about going to college right after high school is a much better option than joining the armed forces. 2. I will also explain why so many people think college is a waste of time and money, and the advantages of joining the military. 3. Finally I will give examples, sight articles and statistics that will persuade you that getting a college degree is important and no time is better to start than right after high school Transition to the body of speech: Most young men and women who graduate college with a degree in their chosen profession will only be 21 years old. Establish the Problem A. When a young man or women graduates from high school, a major life changing decision about their future is needed. What Now? Go to college, Join the Armed Services, enter the Work Force, or go to a Technical school to learn a trade. My speech today will be to persuade you ladies and gentlemen in the audience that their best option is ... ... middle of paper ... ...e, responsibility, and loyalty, will help me accomplish any goal” (Wertheim). My concern is coming out of active duty being healthy, sane, and alive. It makes much more sense after graduating high school to first try college even part-time while working, before you commit to the military alternative. Transition to conclusion Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope I have persuaded you to advise any high school students you speak to, not to rush into joining the military right after graduation. It make some much more sense to pursue a college education get a degree, in most cases you will still be in your early 20’s, much more mature and ready for the real world. If you decide on a military career after college there are many more financial benefits and chances of advancement than right out of high school. Thank you for your attention, and remember “COLLEGE IS FOR EVERYONE”.

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