Essay About The Pros And Cons To Join The Military Before College

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Pros and Cons of Joining The Military Before College Oppose To after College

Military is an establishment of a country and nation. There are a few different motivation behind why one may join the Military. Recently, Ive asked a few secondary school understudies for what good reason they anticipate inlisting in the military. Majority of their responses were cash for school , training and traveling. Those are suitable reasons yet many are undecided wheather to join the military after college or before college. With All things considered , it is by all means more valuable and beneficial to join the military before school instead of joining after school. One key defense would be that joining the military before school will help pay for ones
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People may argue that if one joins the military before college they will not get the same college experience as their friends,But that doesnt matters. People also feel as if one may not be mentally ready for the military. There are certain skills and abilities one must enherit throughout college that may help prepare for whats to come in the future. One last argument is that if you join the military before school your not bound to get the MOS ( job ) you desire. Conversly , The pros of joining the military before college outweighs the cons of joining the military before…show more content…
Joing the military after college isnt a bad idea either . Although , the advantages of joinging the military before college is more reasonable If one joins the military after college they will be capable of being an officer and making more money in their feild. Also you may have the option of deciding the job of your choice. Most people believe that soldiers are incapable of partying but that is false. During the military journey one builds a relationship with other soldiers , being that you are going to be livig with them they are now the only family you have. There are actually people who care for you and are looking out for you. In college , They’re most likely to let you get too drunk. One key point to this argument is that if someone wants to get the feel of the military they can join ROTC , and it’ll give them time to decide weather or not military is for them. Also , it may help them gain knowledge and skills on certain things that will be required in the

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