Persuasive Essay On College Tuition

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Attending college has changed quite a lot throughout the years. When it first arose, it was only accessible to the wealthy, and it was unheard of for everyone else. Only a few decades ago a bachelor degree could almost guarantee a comfortable job, and it was another advantage to any resume. In our current times, many students struggle and are unable to go to college due to the rising price tag that is not showing any signs of slowing down. A college degree is what most employers look for now-a-days, making it more essential than ever before. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly difficult to attain one. College tuition and fees should be lowered because 1) student loan debt is crippling for college graduates, 2) lower tuition will increase the accessibility of education, and 3) regulated tuition would lead to a (Kantrowitz, Mark) In 2012 students who lived in Texas and attended TJC owed $11,308 in tuition in fees for student loans. (US News Education) That price has risen and in four short years it is now $16,307. That is five thousand dollars more than previously. Five thousand in only four years in mind boggling. If a student wanted to pay off that amount in ten years, it would be $167.36 a month, versus in 2012 it would have been $116.05. Many students and their families live paycheck to paycheck, and they do not have that money to spare each month. The increase in price will hurt more than it would help. Consequently, lower, regulated tuition will make college more accessible for those who are worse off. College should not just be limited to the wealthy. Senator Bernie Sanders once said, "Education should be a right, not a privilege. We need a revolution in the way that the United States funds higher education." (Sanders, Bernie. U.S. Capital rally. March 27, 2015) It should not matter where one lives or where they are on the social ladder. What should matter is if a student wants to open his or her mind, learn from a college
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