College Admissions Essay: Life After High School

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Life After Graduation High school is something everyone goes through, but not many finish. Graduating since has made me grow up and has had a huge impact in my life. To some it may not be a huge deal, but for the few that make it through its certainly a big milestone to accomplish at such an age. A lot of change begins to happen once graduation comes around. Childhood diminishes and adulthood embarks. Depending on how someone perceives it can affect its significance, responsibilities that come after, memories, and hobbies that grow on after graduation. Furthermore, graduating high school has to be the biggest change I’ve had in my life. No more showing up to class for 8 hours a day and being told what to do. I must say it really was one of the happiest days of my life. The overwhelming feeling of accomplishment brought a tremendous amount of joy, relief and motivation. I was prepared to begin my journey of what is today…show more content…
My parents were generous enough as well as financially fit to be able to purchase my very first car. With a vehicle in my hands come much responsibility. I came to an agreement with myself to start earning money and began searching for jobs. My options for jobs at the time were very limited due to my age, I wouldn’t turn 18 until a month after, but this didn’t stop me from landing a job at the mall. Having a steady stream of income and owning a car gave me way more freedom which made me feel great. All these new changes made me feel like I had my life together, only thing missing was to continue my education and attend college. Fall came around and it was time for classes to commence. One thing I struggled with in the beginning was picking a major, but thinking back to high school helped me remembered how much I enjoyed math which led me to pick the field I’m studying today known as
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