Greatest Mistakes Of My Life

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Eight years ago I made one of the biggest mistakes of my life by leaving high school. My parents expressed their disappointment about the bad decision that was made. The majority of my friends at the time felt it was better to disassociate themselves with me. The death of my nephew severed as a reality check for my life. February 3, 2015, when I earned my high school diploma is one of the best days of my life that I will never forget. I disappointed my parents in a major way finishing three years of high school then dropping out my senior year. My parents always inculcated the importance of obtaining an education. When I left my mother supported me and motivated me to finish school. My father felt like I had thrown my life away and was too indolent to repair my life. Although she felt pessimistic by the decision I made never once was I judged. Mother made sure I stayed in church even though I felt ashamed. She made sure that I was not going to treat God like did with my education. Many of my former friends…show more content…
It made my parents look at me a different way of being their honor student daughter to a person who could not do anything right. After the initial shock, my mother begins to show unconditional support and encourage me to have a stronger relationship with Christ in the midst of trials and tribulations. I take the loss of my former friends now count as joy no longer bitter over the situation. Because I was blessed to keep some real friends and met many good people over the years. My nephew’s death was the wake-up call I needed to focus on my education because I did not want to die before accomplishing my goals. February 3rd the day I earned my high school diploma will be a day that will always be celebrated. It strengthens my determination to enroll in college now that I am in my sophomore year I just rejoice how one day changed my entire
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