High School Life Vs College Life Essay

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Life is plenary of experiences; some are good and some awful. These moments in life makes you learn a great deal. I have had my experiences too. I studied nursery, high school, university, and done several jobs. High school is a school where students are edified their secondary education, whereas in college students get their higher education and are awarded a specific degree. High school and college are two different chapters in every body’s life. Every student who is eager to get a degree must surpass these two milestones. On the basis of my experiences, I shall compare high school life with college life.
First of all, high school and college life are quite similar when it comes to preparing students for a career in the future. They both make it sure to teach you things which will help you in your future. High school and college have the same sort of courses, just a little advance in the college. Similarly, not only high school but also college have the similar structure of teaching. College, just like high school have tests, homework and the terrible final exams. In order to get good grades in high school, students need to work hard; similarly, College also have strict basic rules just similar to high school, just as students cannot talk on their mobile phone in high school; likewise, students are not allowed to pick up a call while attending a …show more content…

High school looks simple to students while College looks more advanced and essential to students as compared to high school for the reason that it brings interesting and brand-new stuff to their lives. We can say that high school is much simpler as compared to college. College has an advance level of subjects, thus requires plenty of time, struggle as well as commitment to studies. It is true that college is occasionally exhausting; although, I still consider that life in college is more entertaining and fascinating as compared to high

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