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560 words

When companies try to advertise their product they try to convince you by making it look glamorous and persuade you into thinking that you need the product that they are selling. The commercial that I’ve chosen is called “McDonald’s Pay with Lovin”, it was shown during the 2015 Super Bowl Commercial. It was promoting to spread the love. But also the company was convincing the target audiences to purchase their products and repurchase it. America’s most famous fast food chain restaurant is trying to use the opportunity to get their customers to come and spread the word about Pay with Lovin, so that more people can come to the store. The reasoning behind this, according to New York’s time, fast food chain McDonald, is suffering a great deal amount of loss. Twenty one percent has dropped in the fourth-quarter earnings in 2014, their net income went by fifteen percent to 4.76 billion. So McDonald is losing to other chains like Shake Shack and Chipotle. McDonald is the world’s leading food service organization, who is suffering a great loss to other companies, and is trying to change things up. In this specific commercial McDonald is aiming to sell their product and rise from their …show more content…

Pathos is to illustrate emotions and it is to evoke emotions from the audience and this commercial is a perfect example. Because when watching this the sentimental feeling comes to the viewer and seeing how the customers are in a happy mood right away and how they react to the kindness that the employees are providing. Because when you watch this it makes you feel inspired. It was neat to see how the families reacted and hugged each other. Ethos deals with credibility, this restaurant is well known by everyone, even overseas and especially Americans. Like I said in the first paragraph, it is America’s most famous fast food chain. When they see the yellow “M” sign they automatically know what that

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how mcdonald's pay with lovin was shown during the 2015 super bowl commercial. the fast food chain is losing to other chains like shake shack and chipotle.
  • Analyzes how mcdonald's aimed to sell their product and rise from their great losses by promoting pay-it-forward and spreading the love.
  • Analyzes the rhetorical appeals that are included in this commercial are, pathos and ethos. pathos illustrates emotions and it is to evoke emotions from the audience.
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