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Case Studies as a Management Consultant Coca-Cola Company is the leading soft drink and beverage company across the globe that has constantly achieved tremendous success and profitability throughout its operations. The company’s success and profitability throughout the years can be attributed to effective management strategies of its business operations. This has contributed to a strong reputation that has not only attracted a huge customer base but also resulted in enhanced performance. The success and profitability can also be attributed to diversification of its products and provision of excellent customer service. However, the company has experienced significant challenges in the recent past that has forced its former executive to…show more content…
Neville Isdell, embarked on a process to identify marketing problems and opportunities. During this process, Isdell stated that the company’s system wasn’t broken and there was still an opportunity for growth of the firm and other brands. The identification of marketing problems and opportunities was utilized as the framework for developing marketing and innovation strategy transformation towards positioning the company on the cutting edge of consumer brands. In light of the troubles surrounding the firm, all it took to revamp Coca-Cola’s business operations and profitability was to see a different reality for growth (Cravens & Piercy, 2008,…show more content…
As previously mentioned, Coca-Cola’s product strategy of developing healthy beverages is influenced by the need to meet the changing tastes and preferences of consumers towards alternative beverages. As part of its product strategy of developing healthy beverages, Coca-Cola launched 18 clinical trials to examine the health benefits of various new ingredients for future drinks. The transformation of Coca-Cola’s beverages has played a crucial role in transformation of the firm following a turbulent period that was characterized by significant success of its major

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