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There are very few corporations that hold such world popularity like the Coca-Cola Company. The trademark of Coca-Cola is by far one of the world’s most popular brand names. Coca-Cola dominates the product industry and sets a standard of competition not easily met. Research shows that the trademark is recognized by over 94% of the world’s population and is the most widely recognized word following “OK.” Coke’s original formula was conceived in the late 19th Century. It original business began as a health formula with less than 10 servings a day in its first year. Now business is credited with approximately 1 billion servings consumed each day. Coca-Cola now holds a monopoly on the soft drink industry and includes a massive 500 product range.

Coca-Cola led the first parts of early advertising endorsement, and as early as 1886 the company began promoting its product. From there it began the revolution of product advertisement that is now evident in every part of life. Coke is seen as one of the founding fathers for the present marketing competition that now infests modern living. It was an early pioneer of the styles used to capture an audience, and has continued its developments into product advertising. It was one of the first companies to offer a gimmick with it product, this being a small yo-yo.

Throughout the era in 1886-2000 the product has been through a change a marketing plea.

It was as early as 1904 that Coca-Cola began presenting the drink as a delicious and refreshing formula. This familiar slogan has been continually repeated for nearly 100 years selling Coke as a great Drink. There is certainly a factor that has added to Coca-Cola controlling such a monopoly of the soft drink industry. Whether that factor is its original and unique taste that has captured the world, or is it the cleverly designed advertisements that have captured the mind of today’s generations? In this essay I hope to express my opinions on why such a product has gained such world popularity. I hope to make you think twice before choosing your product and point out the strong role that advertising has placed in our generation.

There is no doubt in my mind that most of Cokes, if not all of Cokes business is due to the clever marketing strategies that they have employed over the years. Over time coke has built an image, this image reflects what we think of when we bu...

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Looking at the issue through my eyes, I have grown up with the knowledge that coke is its own individual product, not just individual brand. This idea has been programmed by the adverts that show coke being the one and only. These ads encourage both desire and action; they create a sense of urgency for the product, by showing Coke being drunk and loved by all.

Coke, being one of the early pioneers of product advertisement has been able to create, shape and destroy the successful and unsuccessful forms of advertisement. This extensive and powerful knowledge, has allowed coke to change its marketing pleas through the eras. I believe this powerful knowledge has allowed coke to grow into the empire it is today.

I believe it is not possible for one product to grow so popular due to its taste. The product would not have spread so rigorously throughout the world because of its taste only. Coke has been clever in its sponsoring of events which has allowed it massive amounts of advertising virtually unequal to any other product in the world today. I wonder whether any other company can ever be as successful as Coke or is Coke to far in front for any company to ever catch up!
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