Climate And Climate Change: What Is Climate Change?

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What is Climate Change??
According to the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report (2007), Climate change constitutes a change in the state of the climate that can be identified using statistical tests to examine changes in the mean or the variability of its properties that persists for an extended period typically decades or longer. Rachel Hauser et al (2009) put forward that climate change affects temperature averages and extremes, water availability, the range of pests and diseases infestations, extreme weather events, precipitation volumes and timing as well as geographical patterns among other things. A recent studies done by Gerald et al., (2009) posit it that the net effect of these climate impacts will generally be negative though they may be positive in some instances. Anthropogenic activities have been found to be the largest contributor to the warming of the earth’s atmosphere (IPCC, 2007). From this, the largest known contribution comes from the burning of
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Cholera transmission has been linked to contaminated drinking water drawn from shallow unprotected wells, rivers or streams according to a studies done by Baffoe-Bonnie et al (2008). Prüss-Üstün and Corvalán (2006) assert that water-related diarrheal diseases including cholera are widespread in areas where water resources are scarce and the majority of diarrheal diseases can be attributed to environmental factors such as unsafe drinking water, poor hygiene and lack of sanitation. According to Akerlef et al, (2010) during excessive rainfall, flooding can spread bacteria to regions that haven't previously been infected resulting in the fast spread of diarrheal epidemics, they further argue that floods caused by heavy monsoons can contaminate drinking water with the bacterium that causes
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