Civil War And American History

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Civil War The Civil War, one of Americas greatest and deadliest wars in American History. Is the Civil War still relevant in today’s society? It could be argued both ways, and really depends on how you look at the war, and how you compare that with society today. There are many aspects of the Civil War that can be looked at, and that can be relatable today. From the current ongoing election in the Country, that is causing extreme havoc with both the Democrats and the Republicans. This also is due to the fact that there is a wealthy business man running who does not know much about running a country, and a former first lady, who pretty much is a disgrace with her lies. There are also extreme racial differences that are happening within the Country as well. Not only racial issues, but the issues involving race, the police, and sexual orientation between people. There is always going to be a divide in the country, from the North and South, White and Black, Republican or Democrat, there will always be some relevance in the world surrounding the Civil War. I think the most relevant topic currently would be the upcoming Presidential elections. Much like the Civil War, the divide between Democrats and Republicans, and the North and the South are strong. North vs South, is not as much of an equation in the current election however, as I feel it is mostly well spread out and diverse overall. The election of 1860 was very similar to how the current election is going. In 1860, Abraham Lincoln was the republican nominee who would eventually win that election with less that forty percent of the actual popular vote, however, this was partly due to how divided the Democratic party was, as well as Abrahams push to keep the west free of slavery... ... middle of paper ... ...ntinues to be one of Americas deadliest wars, we still find its relevance today. No matter where you look, or where you go, there is always going to be some aspect of the Civil War, whether they are views on religion, the issues with slavery today, or even politics. The relevance of the Civil War today, does not mean that we are still in a Civil War, but rather showcasing where we have come from, and what we are still fighting for. Without having divides in the country, would end up creating a country that never changes, and would be one way. Depending on how you look at that, Corporate America, seems to have the upper hand with the politicians, somewhat creating that one-way scenario. For this reason, that is why the Civil War is still relevant today, and the current election is going to determine which direction this country will turn, and hopefully for the better.
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