Civil War DBQ Essay

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On April 12, 1861, Abraham Lincoln declared to the South that, the only reason that separate the country is the idea of slavery, if people could solve that problem then there will be no war. Was that the main reason that started the Civil war? or it was just a small goal that hides the real big reason to start the war behind it. Yet, until this day, people are still debating whether slavery is the main reason of the Civil war. However, there are a lot of facts that help to state the fact that slavery was the main reason of the war. These evidences can relate to many things in history, but they all connect to the idea of slavery. According to Von Drehle, the founding fathers had already known that the Civil War would happen in the future. They hoped that good future leaders could find a way to stop it before it happened. James Madison once said there will be conflicts in the country where people fight against each others because of different …show more content…

They all include the ideas that the government should not attack their slavery system; otherwise, they would leave the U.S and become another country. So both the north and south state that slavery is the cause of war. Even today, all the documentations about Civil War still exist to confirm that the Civil War is definitely about slavery. Also in the article, the author also quotes president Lincoln how he didn’t want the war, and he knew that slavery was the cause of war. If people could sit together and discuss about the matters. Maybe, the war wouldn’t exist. Until today, many people still discuss about the main reason of the Civil War. It is definitely the war is about slavery. The more they discuss the more they see how horrible people can be to each others. Slavery was the reason to start the war. Hopefully, people learn from this and will never make the same mistakes from the past

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