Impact Of The Civil War On American History

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One of the most dangerous wars in american history, was created over a small period of time, where tensions grew rapidly throughout the country. The Civil War lasted four years, when the popular majority of people believed it would last three months before one side would face defeat. The Civil War was caused by a majority of different events that caused tensions to rise throughout the country over various subjects, such as the economies and the political standpoint of both the North and the South.The stress caused by the politics increased the infuriation throughout the country. And as the pressure of a war occurred, economies of both the North and the South were huge influences to the impact of the separation between the nation. A Major cause of the Civil War was the economic tensions between the northern states that wanted to outlaw slavery, and the southern states that wanted to expand and allow slavery to prosper. One example of the economic strain between the North and the South was in Documents 2 and 3. Document 2 shows pie graphs, that represent the population between the North and the South. The pie graphs also show the amount of total population, slave population, industrial worker population, amount of yearly manufactured value, amount of railroad mileage, amount of cotton bales, and the amount of bushels of corn. Document 2 is comparing the strong and weak sides of both the northern and southern economy. In addition, the document also represents what each economy depends on. For example, the North has produced 59% of all the corn in the country, while the South only produced 41% of the corn. This shows that the North was able to grow most of the corn, while the South was able to produce all of the cotton in the count... ... middle of paper ... ...en slavery can be settled, until there has been a conflict or war. Lincoln also says that the U.S. government can’t stay half for slavery and half against slavery for long without a conflict. All in all, the politics involved with the Civil war were both a major and crucial role in the Civil War. The Civil War was an important war over the freedom of slaves in the U.S.. The Civil War is well known for being caused by the issue of slavery, but it is really a combination of different events and actions that caused tensions to rise throughout the country. The economic and political issues in the U.S., along with certain actions caused the Civil war, which is one of the United States’s worst wars. All in all, the Civil War was one of the most devastating wars for our country as a whole, and the process of rebuilding would take years and is no easy job.
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