The Northern culture versus the Southern culture and How did they impact the Civil War

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The Civil War was one of the most horrific confrontations that Americans have faced, killing close to 620,000 soldiers. Culture is a big influence in the way a society performs. The North and the South had different cultures from the beginning. They came from different economies, social structures, customs and political values. Each side had advantages and disadvantages. The cultures of each side helped them continue going forward during the Civil War. The main issue of accepting slavery became the core conflict between the two sides. My mission in this case study is to explain the different cultures of the North vs the South, and how their beliefs impacted the Civil War. The Economy and Social Structures that Defined Each Side The North region, also called the Union, was already different from the South before the Civil War even started. The North side did have their disadvantages as well as benefits. One disadvantage was the lack of favorable soil and climate. Their type of conditions only allowed for small farmsteads rather than the big plantations the South had. This weakness handicapped the North side from producing more resources such as cotton, but they were considered to have more food and money than the South. The North had some good leaders but they did not have as many leaders as the South. President Lincoln was one of their leaders, as well as their biggest supporter. “His utter determination to win was key in the Civil War; having the support of the President, although things weren't always in the favor of the Union states, is a major point in the pursuit of victory” (internet 4). Having the President on their side helped with morale as well. They had a bigger population due to immigrant labor from Europe to wor... ... middle of paper ... ...nclusion In the end, I believe the war’s end results came down to the cultures of each side’s economy and the cultures in their military style. Obviously, the North had more of the advantage in resources than the South but the Confederates put up a good fight to conserve their way of life. The Civil War demonstrates how different cultures, economies, and their political strategies can affect how well we do in battle. Things can be accomplished when one army is well equipped and prepared with the right resources. Works Cited

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