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There are religions everywhere regardless of where a person goes in this world. A person could experience many different religions if they were to travel the world; however, many religions can be practiced within one country, especially within the United States. The diversity of religion is very common in many countries and usually all religions are pretty accepting of others. Christianity is one of the most widespread religions that are practiced throughout the world, especially in the United States; although, Christianity was started in another country. This particular religion may be widely practiced but some may still not quite understand what Christianity actually is. By going through the central themes, this religion can be understood a little bit better by many. Essentially, Christianity was developed out of the other popular religion known as Judaism. It all started with Jesus, a child who was born in a small corner within the Roman Empire, to the woman known as the Virgin Mary. The Virgin Mary is well known due to the writings of Luke and Matthew that appear in the New Testament, which is part of the Bible. He was a Jewish child that is often remembered as being called Jesus of Nazareth or simply that he is recognized as being the Son of God. Jesus didn’t become well known until he was thirty years old, which is during the time that John the Baptist baptized him and he started his ministry by teaching, healing and working miracles . During his time of teaching, he started to openly speak about the Reign of God coming among the people; however, his public speaking of this matter and the “Kingdom of God” started to upset a numerous amount of people . The “Kingdom of God” that Jesus spoke about basically meant that... ... middle of paper ... ...ches today, especially the Catholics. Christianity is one of the largest religions in this world today. Even though it was developed from Judaism, it has taken its own form in which many people have found a connection with. The Christian faith has changed over the years but essentially has the same core beliefs and holidays that it began with. As mentioned previously, there is a large amount of types of Christianity that have formed over the years, but as society changes there will be more forms of Christianity that will be developed. Pentecostalism is a perfect example of a distinct form of Christianity that has continued to grow and develop over the years. Regardless of the distinct forms, Christianity began and spread due to many important figures and it will continue to develop as this particular religion is widely practiced throughout the whole world.

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