Modern Day Christianity

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Modern Day Christianity The Suffering, Death and Resurrection of Jesus is important to modern

day Christians, as it gives a message of support from God.

Although Christians could see how Jesus suffered and understand it as

the final victory of good over evil, it must still have been difficult

for them to understand how it was possible for the messiah to be

persecuted by pagans. Though suffering is not pleasant, good can come

of it. If we look at the example of Christ, he had to suffer but rose

from death. Jesus experienced physical suffering when he made his way

to Golgotha or 'The Place of the Skull'. Mark 15:22. Several

Christians argue that mark wrote so much about suffering as he wanted

to emphasise what it meant to follow Christ, furthermore, by becoming

a Christian, you will probably have to suffer for what you believe.

Those who do suffer hideous and torturous deaths, like Jesus, will

also share in his resurrection.

Christianity wouldn't have lasted this long, without the belief of

being resurrected, resurrection also proves that Jesus is/was the Son

of God, again which proves that God had the power to raise his son

from death.

If evil has been defeated, they must have asked, 'Why are we suffering

instead of being rewarded for our faithfulness?' one of marks aims was

to provide reassurance in the face of this question. He made it clear

that Jesus felt he had been abandoned. "Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani?"

Mark15: 34

Mark shows that Jesus had foreseen that both he and his followers

would suffer. Jesus also taught that the 'Son of Man' had to suffer in
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