Chipotle: The Savior

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Chipotle: The Savior
Chipotle’s “Back to the Start” advertisement captures the sentiments of the audience by depicting Chipotle’s competitors’ practices as unethical. In both “Back to the Start” and the “Scarecrow” advertisements, Chipotle attempts to align itself with society’s growing believe that humane agriculture is better. Chipotle’s advertisements present their practices to be ethical, which sets its products apart from its competition. However Chipotle’s message employs the same sentimental appeals and logical fallacies that are effective in their competitors’ advertisements.
The “Back to the Start” advertisement depicts the life of a farmer as he converts his farm into an industrialized animal factory. The scene opens in darkness and transitions to dawn as a bird begins to sing, thus setting a tranquil mood and causing the viewer to appreciate the Earth’s beauty. These emotions are further captured with a view of a broad fertile landscape in the backdrop. This is an example of how advertisers combine a positive emotion with their product, so we seek it. Fast food enterprises are skilled at connecting with viewers on a deeper level, evoking such emotions as happiness and sadness.
McDonald's is one of the leading advertisers that uses emotional appeals. Their emotional appeals allow them to entice customers to buy their product. In order for McDonald’s to do this they must be precise with their advertising and understand how the target market of an advertisement thinks. Jack Solomon a semiotician, expert analyst of popular culture, and author of the Signs of Our Times, has written extensively on advertiser’s use of subconscious manipulation. Solomon noted that McDonald’s pitches its product to a multitude of groups, especia...

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The “Back to the Start” advertisement establishes that society is dominated by the big food enterprise. The only way to escape their authority is joining Chipotle’s movement of
“cultivating a better world”. Still despite these appeals, Chipotle’s “Back to the Start” advertisement is just another big food enterprises advertisement demonstrating their product is admirable in a very biased way.

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