Chinese Resistance In Iron Road

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“Iron Road” is a movie that evidently represents Chinese life in the 1880’s. There were many factors that encouraged Chinese workers to leave china during that time period. Chinese men and women did not have a valuable reason to stay in china. There were a heap of harsh challenges Chinese men and women had to endure. The challenges Chinese people had to face happened in both China and Canada. This movie was also merely historically accurate, and it demonstrated all aspects of Chinese life in the 1880’s therefore accomplishing all historical and geographical aspects of Chinese life at that period of time. “Iron Road” is an authentically detailed tale that depicts Chinese life through detailed setting’s while illustrating poverty and famine …show more content…

Many push factors encouraged Chinese workers to leave China such as a mass of political instability(Introduction to China’s modern History, Homepage). Foreign control was happening at the time as well(YouTube video, foreign control) which caused Chinese peasants to start a rebellion called The Boxer Rebellion. There were many places in China being taken over by Europe England was taking over Hong Kong, The United States of America were taking over Shanghai and many other places were also being taken over as well. The Boxer Rebellion was a rebellion that consisted of Chinese peasants who did not want their land being taken over, eventually the rebellion ended up failing because the foreigners ended up executing anyone who was willing to fight them. Famine and poverty were also factors that persuaded Chinese residents want to leave China during that time. There were also factors that caused Chinese people to come to Canada. The government of Canada was much stronger at that time, which meant there were not going to be as many economic problems therefore the Chinese would not have to worry about their land being taken over therefore making them feel safe. There were a bundle of job opportunities in Canada as well that offered higher wages comparing to the amount of job opportunities in China. These were the main reasons that caused Chinese workers to come to Canada. The Chinese population felt that Canada was a better country to migrate

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