The Chinese Immigration Experience

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The Chinese immigrant experience has traveled through times of hardships, under the English man. They have struggled to keep themselves alive through racism, work, and acceptance. Although many have come to Canada for their lives’ and their children’s to be successful, and safe. It could not be just given until adversity gave them the life they hoped to one day life for. In the starting time of 1858, the Chinese community had started coming to different parts of Canada considering the push and pull factors that had led them here. Because of the lack of workers in the British Columbia region, the Chinese were able to receive jobs in gold mining. Most Chinese were told to build roads, clear areas, and construct highways, but were paid little because of racism. The Chinese today are considered one of the most successful races in Canada because of the push and pull factors that they had come across, the racism that declined them and the community of the Chinese at the present time.
The immigration story of the Chinese had forced them to make a living, or work for what they wanted to one day become known for. Before the time the Chinese arrived in Canada, problems had occurred on the homeland. At the time most European countries had been coming to china to sell goods, when they had suddenly lost to Great Britain in the Opium war in 1842 to 1860. This had forced china to open ports for trade in Europe. This devastating issue made the Chinese community hassle knowing that the European would be invading. After the Chinese surrender had occurred towards Brittan, they were told to pay a massive fee. The payment had affected the annual intake of China’s treasury, which eventually was paid through higher taxes of their citizens. Since...

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... deserved and the education they had hoped there kid’s generation would receive. After working on the railroads, the gold mines, the construction, and the fishing, they had realized that this was going to be there home. The Chinese are active in there communities and respond to the policies of Canada. They have given themselves a name that would be remembered and valued for. There struggle through racisms, and discrimination made them stronger knowing if they had not stood up to this nation each Chinese Canadian citizen would have fallen. Seeing their community today, shows there passion, and love for their culture and morals. The Chinese- Canadian immigrants are considered till today one of the most successful immigrants: achieving the highest grades, more jobs given to the Chinese, culture oriented, and the ones that suffered through Canada to earn their place.

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