China's One Child-Policy

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In Chinese society they try keeping the world a balance and equality to women and their kids. A world full of all men and you won’t be able to see any female, that’s what’s happening in china right now because of the one child-policy. Can you imagine what’s going to happen when Chinese culture is destroyed because of males taking over and reducing female gender, more crime, and also the most important thing would be war going one. The one child-policy should not exist because reduction of female gender can cause culture affect and economic wise and violating social equality. In 1964, the first national family planning to oversee china’s fertility reduction programs, which focused on urban areas with modern medical facilities and access to supplies of birth control. “Government officials also had more control in cities to monitor residents, enforce policies, and threaten those who did not comply” (Banister Judith). By 1966, china experienced a significant decrease in their fertility rates. The government is worried about what’s going to happen to the Chinese population when they let everybody bare children so they have to take action and be in control. They have to go and force women to have an abortion or give up her own child if she decides to have another child. Mostly the government makes them pay a fine that’s beyond their budget. Most people might say the one child-policy actually helps china without being over populated so they won’t run out of resources, and won’t have to worry about being in poverty. Chinese people right now are all focused on trying to be out of poverty so when the government does not take charge on telling people how many kids they can have; everybody in chine would be in poverty and would be hard for th...

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