One Child Policy Essay

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Who should serve as the ultimate decision maker in deciding how many children a person can have? Imagine having a child that does not know what it feels like to have a sibling. In China, the law “One Child Policy” prohibits families from having more than one child. People around the world need to take action and help repeal the law. This law was enacted to keep the population from growing. Many people are starting to rebel and protests brake out and take innocent lives. The “One Child Policy” should be abolished because it violates human rights and creates other problems for China. Although there are some positive effects to this law, the negative effects outweigh the positive ones. During the rein of Mao Tse-tung China’s population was almost at one million. Mao allowed couples to have as many children as they please because to him, “of all the things in the world people are the most precious.”(Fitzpatrick 2). As the as the population continued to grow the government became concerned and decided that population control was necessary in order to remain able to support the citizens of China. Furthermore, the government feared there would not be enough food to upkeep residents. The next leader, Deng Xioping, created the “One Child Policy” therefore preventing families from having more than one child. On September 25th 1980 the policy was instituted. Subsequently this law has prohibited children and parents the experience of having a big family. In the governments view the policy was remarkable, but little do they know how many families the law has damaged. Decreasing the number of babies being born impacts the traditional family structure. “On the township roads, there are slogans written on flamboyant red banners, telling peop... ... middle of paper ... ...heir work. This bonus is on going until their child turns fourteen. Another positive is if the parents are both only children they are privileged to a second child. Also the policy decreased the population by over a half which was the plan for the policy. Solutions: • Couples that choose not to have a child should be able to give their privilege to have a child to another couple that wants a second child. The “One Child Policy” should be abolished because it violates human rights and creates other problems for China. This policy has positive and negative effects but the negatives outweigh the positives. Overall, the “One Child Policy” has created many conflicts for china’s present and future. This law needs to be repealed before China is ruined in several aspects. In conclusion, the “One Child Policy” has caused many helpful and awful things to occur in China.
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