Overpopulation Problems in China

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Overpopulation Problems in China In Spite of the great achievements that China has achieved in the recent years, our country is still a developing country, which is facing many serious social problems. The most serious of all is overpopulation, for it has a passive influence on the national economy, education and environment. First and foremost, overpopulation is the main obstacle of the economic development in China. The limited natural resources in China can hardly support the excessively large population. Developing of our national economy, especially industry, needs great amount of natural resources, such as land, water, oil, coal, gas and iron. However, the natural resources are limited and decline very quickly when a large population exploits them everyday. Take fresh water as an example, in 1990, 58% of Chinese cities ( were suffered from the insufficiency of water. It not only birngs great disadvantages to people's daily life, but also has a passive influence on the economic development. Released by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the economic lost caused by the insufficiency of water is 250 billion RMB per year, including 230 billion lost of industrial value of output and 20 billion agricultural lost. As a result, the insufficiency of natural resources somewhat slows down the economic development in china. Second, overpopulation leads to the result of a rather low SOL( Standard of Living) in China. SOL means GDP per person, and it is an important index of the real national economic status. Although China makes great economic achievements and improvements every year, the economic achievements is not that glorious when divided by the large denominator of population. B... ... middle of paper ... ... rate is 8.77‰( SFPCC) in China, it brings a population increase of 19,090,000(SFPCC statics), which equals a medium-sized country in Europe. As a result, overpopulation may not be that serious in some other countries, it does be the most serous social problem in China. In order to solve the overpopulation issue, the government should pay great attention to it. Some policies, such as “ One China policy”, have already been made in China. They have already paid off. For instance, in 1994, the natural growth rate was 11.21‰, but in 1999 it was only 8.77‰ (SFPCC statics). However, China still has a long way to go in this aspect, for the overpopulation is still serious now, just like what have been mentioned in the previous paragraphs. In a word, overpopulation is the most serious social problem in China now, and great efforts are needed to make in order to solve it.
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