Consequences Of Child Abuse

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“Child abuse is a significant global problem in both magnitude and sequel.” ()
Child abuse is commonly exerted in our society, though the most prominent is physical abuse, other forms of child abuse still have serious lifelong consequences. Child abuse does not solely mean physical, it could entail other forms of maltreatment such as; Sexual abuse, psychological abuse, neglect or domestic violence. The following could end up presenting long term consequences, which have been recognised in children developing into adulthood with problems such as: Clinical Depression, PTSD, obesity, high-risk sexual behaviours, unintended pregnancy or alcohol and substance(drug) misuse.
“The most basic needs of people throughout their lives are fairly simple; we need to get nutrition and to breathe air. From the moment of birth when babies are encouraged …show more content…

Factors of Community and social environment can also contribute to an increased risk of child maltreatment “particularly when poverty is combined with other risk factors such as depression, substance abuse, and social isolation.” (, n.d.)
These traumas affect children’s development exposing them to chronic and prolonged traumatic experiences which affect brain development, a child who’s been maltreated may start to act out and behave differently to a child who hasn’t. Child maltreatment has been under-reported along the years, thou programmes such as school-based education have been created to prevent such things, it is still found that “Studies have not yet measured the long-term benefits of programmes in terms of reducing the incident or prevalence (or both) of child abuse in programme participants.” () this could also be because not many people participate therefore results are

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