Child Abuse And Its Effect On Children

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Child abuse and neglect has become a growing epidemic in the world. “An estimated 702,000 children were victims of abuse and neglect in 2014” (National Statistics on Child Abuse, 2014). Abuse comes in many different forms; sexual, physical, emotional, and neglect. Childhood abuse and neglect cause both long and short term impacts on children. It also affects many aspects of their lives. It is important that this is prevented. Prevention is the only way to stop innocent children from suffering more harm. Every day a child is abused and could possibly lose his/her life. “1,825 children are abused or neglected each day in the United States” (Child Abuse Statistics, 2016). Mandated reporters do not have enough knowledge or training in the signs of child abuse and in order to reduce the high numbers in child abuse, mandated reporters must attain more knowledge. A mandated reporter is someone who has frequent contact with vulnerable people, such as child. Some examples of mandated reporters are, teachers, and medical providers, daycare workers, and police officers. In the article, Preservice Teachers’ Sources of Information on Mandated Reporting of Child Sexual Abuse, they say that, “Teachers in many countries are mandated by law, professional codes, or education authorities to report child abuse and neglect, including child sexual abuse. However, teachers may not receive adequate preparation for such sensitive interventions, as preservice teacher education degrees provide very few or no compulsory courses on child protection and crucially related, lifelong health and well-being issues” (The decision-making processes adopted by rurally located mandated professional…, 2012). Child abuse is when a parent or care giver causes injury, dea... ... middle of paper ... ... life. Being a mandated reporter, teacher or caregiver, you have a lot of responsibility in keeping the children safe, both in school and at home. By researching this topic, I have learned many more signs that children may show if they are being abused. This is something that you do not learn a lot about in the online mandated reporter training. I took this training for two hours online and I did not feel it provided enough information for me to be a successful mandated reporter. For that reason, I chose to write my final paper on child abuse and mandated reporting. Children are very vulnerable and when they are being abused they are feeling scared and confused, so they are not going to have the courage to stand up for them selves. It is the job of mandated reporters to ensure children safety and stand up for them if you feel that they are not in a safe environment.
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