Treatment Of Child Victims Of Abuse And Neglect: Case Study

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Secondly, we must be devoted towards the treatment for victims of child abuse, because it is crucial for children to receive full support from medical services in order to help children adjust to the experience of having been abused. Julie A. Lipovsky, psychology professor at The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina, explains in her article, “Treatment of Child Victims of Abuse and Neglect”, “skills training used to teach the child coping strategies to manage negative emotions and to improve social/interpersonal functioning” (Lipovsky 9) help prevent child victims from facilitating criminal behavior. In addition to medical treatment, careful observations and approaches should be emphasized so abused children can effectively heal from their experience and minimize the effects of abuse. Imagine what would result from making sure every single child victim of abuse were to receive medical services. There would be a high decrease in aggressive, violent behavior in children who suffer from abuse, diminishing the risk of them from criminality. Therefore, we must not ignore and overlook cases of child abuse and the inhumane acts our children have to bear. We must acknowledge children’s cries, systematically report abuse, and provide child victims sufficient medical aid and therapy so that susceptibility towards criminal behavior can ultimately be minimized.
Lastly, in addition to the previously introduced actions of raising awareness to adults as to why it important to report any signs of abuse and to society why it is important to devote medical services to child victims of abuse, we must take even further measures to effectively stop child abuse and criminality. The changing factor in solving child abuse and criminality is n...

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...ntion and resources. Therefore, we, as a society must cast away all our doubts and hesitation embedded in our culture and initiate an entire movement of change. With society, adults, educators, schools, and children taking part in the prevention of child abuse and its criminal consequences, it is possible to achieve a long-term solution. We need to make the invisible world of child abuse and its dangerous aftereffects visible. We must emphasize that with dedication and effort, the utter elimination of abuse, maltreatment, and neglect towards our children is absolutely possible. The greatest contribution America can make in breaking the cycle of crime and solving the problems we created ourselves is to face them head on, reverse the trends that have our society and its children heading the wrong way, and not hurt, but nurture and cherish the spirit of our future.

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