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Chechnya is an independent republic located in the middle of the Caucasus Mountains. This land has always belonged to the Shemite people, decedents of the Shem. The neighboring republics all around them are very similar ethnically.

The people that live in the Caucasus Mountains are not the same as the Russian people. In 1864, Chechens surrendered to Russia. During Russia's quest for national expansion, Russia desired the lands in the Caucasus region and fought against and conquered the people in the mountainous area. These people fought back for their independence and freedom. Unfortunately, mother Russia was too strong, and she conquered and controlled these people. During World War II, the Chechens and other peoples in neighboring territories collaborated with the invading German army against the Russians. They did this not because they

liked the Germans, so much as they hated the Russians and wanted to be free of Russian dominion.

As a consequence, Joseph Stalin dissolved the republic and sent the Chechens and people from neighboring republics to exile in deep Siberia, which is forced labor camps, where many were inhumanely killed. As time passes, eventually during the mid-50s, Russia restores these people back to their homelands. So great is the hatred and memories of what the Russians had done to the Chechens that when Russia and Communism finally collapsed the people of Chechnya like many other

Republics joyfully declared their independence from ethnic Russia.

In December 1994, Russian forces invaded the rebellious province of Chechnya. They aimed to unseat General Dzhokar Dudayev, who had proclaimed Chechnya's independence from Russia.

The invasion culminated a series of failed coups against Dudayev that had been orchestrated by the office of Russian President Boris Yeltsin. However, this invasion has quickly degenerated into a military-political quagmire. Generals, soldiers, and even Deputy Defense Ministers have attacked the invasion, and tactical, operational, and military incompetence has been rife.

Civilian control over the military has broken down, and the armed forces' poor cohesion and limited reliability have become clear to everyone. Furthermore, the government's reporting has been exposed as official lying by the media with the result of mounting public disaffection.
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