Crisis in Ukraine

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The big crisis in Ukraine is starting to get out of hand. The government cannot even figure out what to do, and is getting kicked out of office. There are street protests happening all over Ukraine especially at Kyiv’s Independence Square. There is civil unrest against Yanukovych because he did not do what the people wanted to have. After everything is starting to cool down, Russian troops start to enter the country. The crisis was getting so far out of hand that the US and the EU had to figure out how to help, so they got involved in the crisis. The Ukraine conflict was triggered by Yanukovych declining the EU deal, and when everything was getting settled down in Ukraine, Russia invades Ukraine.

In Ukraine there are people that are gathering at the Independence Maiden Square in Kiev. They all gathered at the square to rally against their PresidentYanukovych because he was not doing what they were hoping they will do. The government launched an attack against their own state because of the rallies that are happening. Petrou said, “Kyiv’s Independence Square is a blood-and-shoot warzone” (Petrou 127). Special police units went to the Independence Square, and they started to attack all the demonstrators with clubs, tear gas, and stun grenades. It was estimated that the police battered up 25,000 protesters, and while the police was busy with the protesters, other people went around and seized up some government buildings across the western part of Ukraine. Yulia Tymoshenko, a former Prime Minister, was jailed on dubious charges, but she is a deeply divisive figure among Ukrainians; she urged the people to take the streets to protest the government’s decision on the EU deal. After some time of being jail, she is now free and is walk...

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... want Russia out of their country, but they do not want to attack because Russia is their main power source.

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