Totalitarianism In Joseph Stalin

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Has there ever been a more ruthless and evil leader than Adolf Hitler? According to statistics, Joseph Stalin was far more heinous. Joseph Stalin is considered one of the most controversial leaders in world history. Although the Soviet Union was transformed into a modern superpower under his rule, the ethics used are questionable. The 5 year plan came to be as an outline for Russia’s development. In addition, Stalin’s glorification came as a necessity to motivate people. Also, in order to maintain his control, Stalin exterminated his opposition.
Stalin aimed to create a perfect Communist state. In order to meet his goals, he followed totalitarian methods. Totalitarianism is a form of government in which the national government takes control
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Kulaks were wealthy peasants, who resisted the agriculture policies. This led to the killing of them all. Estimates reveal the number of deaths to 5-10 million. According to document 4, the need to eliminate the kulaks was expressed. Using the power of speech, Stalin persuaded the people to eliminate the kulaks as a class and replace their productions with the productions of the collective and state farms. According to document 6, the famine was part of Stalin’s plan to increase agricultural outputs and to crush the opposition. Government officials confiscated all of the grains from kulaks and peasants who resisted, even though harvests were declining. Furthermore, the forced famine is claimed to be a genocide in Ukraine. It was a political strategy to maintain control. According to document 7, the kulaks did everything they could to wreck the policies. They murdered government officials; they destroyed animals and farm machinery. This document was told in the perspective of Soviet Russia, which means the information was wayed. The government had total control over the media, so this was another attempt to justify their actions using incomplete and/or false