Characteristics of Printed and Electronic Media

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What is media? Based on Oxford dictionary, media refers to the mass communication. This is mean that media is something that is used for communication. There are two types of media which is printed media and electronic media. Before this, people always look up to the printed media if they want to get the information. However, today people are mostly will choose the electronic media as their tools for getting information. This is due to the fact that we are living in the technology era.
Before we getting deeper about the printed and electronic media, let me explains a little bit about the history of media first. Actually, media has started a long time ago. In the 15th century, the ancients use the media to spread their faith and religious among the community. In the nearly seventy years, there were about twenty translations around German. However, some people also believe that the media are spread from the institutional and economic.
Nowadays, the technology has become more advanced. More IT product had created. This will easier for people to gain information. The world is just like in your fingertips. This situation has made the printed media become less popular compared to the electronic media. Only the old generation will stay use the printed media. There are a few differences between printed and electronic media that can be discussed.
Even though both types of media have some differences, both can bring the same purpose to the users. Both provide information and entertainment. User can know about the news’s world by reading the printed newspaper or online newspaper. If the users want to know about the celebrity in some country, they only need to find the entertainment section. In addition, both media also provide ...

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... carried out a field experiment in which they introduced internet access into homes and found that teenagers who spent much of their time net surfing exhibit more signs of depressions than those who surf less frequently and also showed increased stress and loneliness.

To sum up, both printed and electronic media have their own set of characteristics and feature that make them different from one another. Even though it has different characteristics, but both medium gives the same purpose to the users. One of the purposes is to inform any information to the users. Printed and electronic media also provides us entertainment such as artist world. In addition, both medium provides the message board to the users that want to express their opinion. Moreover, printed and electronic media also provides us place for advertising about some company or event.

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