Importance Of The Printing Press

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Why was the printing press so important? Human beings are creative species. They have come up with great ideas and invented some wonderful tools since they have been on earth. From the time that someone threw a rock in the ground to make the first tool, to the introduction of the wheel, to the development of electricity and the Internet. These alterations, and many more have been made to provide us the modern life we are living today. There are many inventions that have changed the world dramatically. Historians suggest that the printing press was one of the most revolutionary inventions in the human history. The printing press was invented over five-hundred years ago and was the first step in transforming societal literacy. Around 1440, the printing press was invented by the German Johannes Gutenberg, who was the first to design a technique that has the ability to transform the ink from the movable type to paper. Basic development of the printing press was, the hand mold which is the process that enabled the production of metal movable types. Printing presses with this movable type mechanism increased the rates at which copies of books…show more content…
The printing press has a huge impact on society by allowing a large amount of written copies to be published in one time. The printing press also lead to the ability to spread information across the world much faster, and easier. It may be unfair to claim that the printing press was the cause of the massive modern media usage. However, the printing press influences every aspect of the world’s culture. The printing press was an instrument that brings significant shifts in science, politics, religion, and the modes of thoughts. It is hard to evaluate the social and cultural impact of a new media, but the innovation of the printing press most likely proves major transformations in the use, influence, and character of human
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