Characteristics Of Transfer Shock

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I have found that transfer shock is when students transfer from a two-year community college or another smaller four-year university and their grades drastically drop based on their grade point average during their first and second semester, all though it is common that they do recover their grade point average. Hills first used the phrase “Transfer Shock” to describe the decrease in a student’s grade point average after they are transferred in. A researched test was conducted by Martorana and William that compared a group of transfer students to a group of native students at the college. They were equated on a number of different factors, such as the high school they attended, sex, major-subject area, and what year of college they were in. It was shown that the transfer students had the most problems when it came to adjusting, which affected their academics during the semester after they…show more content…
It’s also indicated that about 42% of all African-American students, 56% of all Hispanic students, 41% of Asian/Pacific Islander students, and 54% of all Native American students attended a community college. This information indicates that minorities either prefer or are forced to begin their academic careers at a community college. Also there is research that shows that minority students often have a problem transferring from a two-year community college to a four-year university, also transfer students are less likely to receive their bachelor’s degree, African Americans are less likely than any other minority group to receive a bachelor’s degree. Non-Asian and low income minorities students have a lower program completion and transfer rates when they are compared to their white counterparts with families with a high

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