Disadvantages Of Community College

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Overcoming the Fallacious Stigma’s of Jr. College In today’s society aspiring college student are not given good information about their options, and for many people attending a community college is simply not an option. Why? Start a conversation with someone older than you, talk about your major and the classes you are taking, watch their excitement build, then tell them you are going to a community college and watch them try to mask their disappointment. Society teaches us that community college is for losers and people who can’t get into “real” college, as a result even some of the most successful students at two year colleges will hesitate to talk about it. Lauren Schudde and Sara Goldrick-Rab suggest “cultural bias against vocational…show more content…
Attending community college is a great idea, not only for students who are uncertain about their goals for their future, but also for students who are not sure why they are continuing their education. It can even be a great idea for students who have a clear goal. Renowned editor and writer Donald M. Murray conveys in his article “The Maker’s Eye: Revising Your Own Manuscript” the concept that only the writer themselves understand their objective; in much the same way as for writers, aspiring college students are the only ones who truly understand the impetus for their degree choice. There is no getting around the massive monetary savings from attending a community college before a university, but contrary to popular belief that is not the only benefit, there are some majorly understated benefits which in the long run could be even greater than monetary savings. Community colleges allow for a certain level of flexibility you do not find as easily or in as great supply at universities for changing your major. As a major benefit of being close to home many of the distractions involved with living on campus are…show more content…
The majority of these things can be completed at community college, the only exception being the occasional prerequisite. Unfortunately so many people assume that since Community college is so much cheaper the quality must be reflected in that price; “oftentimes, community college faculty members also hold teaching positions at other four-year colleges” (scholarships.com) teaching the same courses. General education alone accounts for 48 credits that you have to have in your college career; which means as a full time student you could be spending your first two years at a university doing general education. At full price! If you take those general courses at community college you can avoid two years’ worth of student loans, and that is just your immediate

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