Authentic Leadership: Thesis Of Authentic Trust In Leadership

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The basis of authentic trust in leadership
A leader can’t simply say – trust me, trust takes time to build. People trust us when they see some value in us. When we take care of others, sacrifice something, show value to something, or do something for others? Its then we are valued by others and trust is gained from it.
Authentic leadership relies on persuasion and persuasion relies on trust. For the organization trust is the most important asset than the brand, product, service, leader or individual combined. Leaders should embrace differences, create openness and facilitate connection in the group. When trust and authenticity are lacking in a group or a company, it will be doomed and so its growth in future.
An authentic trust in leadership
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There is no doubt that effective leadership requires trust, if the organization wants to behave in virtuous and upright manner, it must maintain ethical standards and have good leadership. If the corporate encourage unethical behaviors, then it will be difficult for the employees to resist the temptation of bending the rules.
The other reason for erosion can be that the accounting and auditing profession in particular needs to regain trust. People of America from last two decades have witnessed high profile scandals and in which the accountants and auditors have failed in their fiduciary responsibilities. The removal of self regulation in the auditing profession can serve as a wakeup call to all the leaders and professionals of all types.
Also by using the wrong metrics the ceo’s took huge risks that maximized their pay at the expense of long term stake holders of the company. The failure of setting a tone at the top is not limited to the business world but extends to government and educational leaders as
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A leader should have substantial influence in creating and developing trust in his team. By studying biblical scriptures, and other authors’ recommendations, I believe below three act as important recommendations for a modern leader.
Seeking god’s direction
A leader must not rush ahead and make things happen, he has to spend time alone and understand god’s vision and wisdom as he plots his course. Seeking god’s directions means going on journey of –“knowing yourself”. Once his mind is clear on which path he has to take, He can walk many miles in that direction without any problem.
The same thing can be applied for organization perspective. A leader must be clear on his higher values. He has to have an accurate view on his weakness and strengths. He must know when to push the button, when to calm down, be decisive and be pro active rather than react to the situation. He has to act as the situation demands, keeping goals in mind.
Investing in team and its
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