Good Workplace Relationships Essay

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AT1 – Worksheet 2 (10%) ___________________________________________________________________

1. Identify and explain three benefits of building good workplace relationships. (3 marks)
A good workplace relationship is built on trust, mutual respect and empathy.
Trust is built by trusting team members and communicate about any issues that arises in the team. You would make commitment and believe in your ability to get the job done.
Mutual respect is when we appreciate and value the work of others and appreciate their strength in the workplace. You treat others like the way you would like to be treated at work.
Being empathic is important because you can understand how others are felt and communicate respectfully to the person. We will understand
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How can you be an effective leader in the workplace? You need to refer to the article ‘How to be an effective leader’ to support your ideas. (3 marks)
To be an effective leader in the workplace, you will need a real leader, promote positive organizational behavior and transition rather than trade.
Real leadership is yourself. They tend to be positive self-concept and attach importance to their followers. You are your strength and weakness of sanitary ware.
Positive organizational behavior is a effective leader in the workplace, because you set up a team strength, and work with partners to achieve goals. Their success brought confidence for the workplace.
Changes in the workplace lead to effective leadership. You lead your target, leading your team. They are usually a great communicator. They will identify changes and guide the team to complete.
3. You may find yourself working with an individual you do not naturally get on with. How would try to overcome a difficult relationship within the workplace? (1 mark)
If I was working with an individual that I normally get on with I will try to overcome the difficulties of relations in the workplace, through participating in conversion or go out for lunch with them know this person. I will ask them about their background and their favorite
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If provide feedback to colleagues, you don 't want to be criticized, you can give them some good feedback, and give some advice, not said harsh things to them. A feedback will lead to better quality of work and improve our work..
5. Define ‘emotional intelligence’ (1 mark)
Emotional intelligence is where we control and manage our emotions to relieve stress and to empathize with others. EI will allow us to to see what others are going through with their emotions.
Our EI is defined by self-awareness, social awareness self-management and social skills. Those with good interpersonal skills are mainly emotionally intelligent and can handle build positive relationships.
6. Why is emotional intelligence important to your career? (2 marks)
Emotional intelligence is important to your career because EI can lead to success and help develop those who are productive in their work. They are able to work in teams and are flexible to changes. It can also help express and understand feelings of each other.
Not having emotional intelligence will bring selfishness and aggogance to the workplace therefore high emotionally intelligence will bring positive relationship between you and your workmates in your
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