Healthcare Evolution: From 1800s America to the 21st Century

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A lot of things have changed between the 1800s and the 21st-century.Many issues need to be addressed whether dealing with social, economical, environmental, or political. Through the many years of living in America, I had problems that dealt with Medicine.Some aren't able to afford it, only those with healthcare can get specific benefits.In 1915 those who made less than $1,200 a year would get covered.Now we are in the year 2017 and most people don't get to have the benefit, especially those without Medicaid.It's really hard to find a place where they accept all people.I remember when I was injured bad to where I had to go to a hospital and the only way insurance would cover it, is if I had Medicaid.So those who can't afford the Medicaid can …show more content…

They get more benefits of having a job. During the 1970s, 72% only required a high school diploma. The only con about going to college is after everything, there will always be a debt to be payed. Student loans will be a pain. I, myself am for sure I want to attend college, even though things will be a lot tougher on me with student loans. I am not a US citizen nor do I have the legal documents to be able to easily go to college. There is another way for me to be able to pay student loans other than FAFSA, but there will be more paperwork to be done. This is why I believe this issue is a big impact on me in the 21st

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