Causes of the Holocaust

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Causes of the Holocaust

The Holocaust took place for a number of reasons some of which were

long term and others short term. The main reasons are; for centuries

Germany had been an anti-Semitic country Jews were used as scapegoats

for German problems.

Also centuries of Nazi persecution caused the Holocaust in particular

1933 -1939 as well as Adolf Hitler and his racist views which

influenced thousands of Germans.

The Main reason for the holocaust happening was that Germany had been

anti-Semitic for many centuries, and during those centuries the

anti-Semitism had gradually got worse. Therefore because this was

becoming a racial war, this was an opportunity for Germany to

'cleanse' itself of Jews like it should have done centuries ago. With

Hitler being Anti-Semitic and a strong leader for the Nazi party,

Anti-Semitism was influencing the minds of ordinary German civilians.

Adolf Hitler had previously been in prison before he became ruler of

Germany in his second attempt. During the time he was in prison, he

wrote a book called 'Mien Kamph' his book was incredibly racist and

anti -Semitic, Hitler expressed his hatred for the Jews and influenced

his readers into hating these 'impure' people. Hitler's main idea was

to as he called it 'cleanse' Europe of these non- deserving people.

Hitler despite having gained anti-Semitic views on his own from things

he saw he also was influenced a lot by Neil Darwin. He based a lot of

his racial arguments and views on this.

However another point to consider was that the Jews were being used as

scapegoats for German problems. The Germans believed that the Jews

were attempting to destroy t...

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...y. The harsh death causing conditions of the ghettos. Diseases

were spread; children were forced through walls, beaten to death.

Shootings carried out by the SS. Hitler was in many cases what led to

the Holocaust.

In conclusion, these were the main reasons for the Holocaust taking

place. However I think that definitely the foremost important reason

for the Holocaust ever happening was centuries of Europe being anti -

Semitic. Despite the fact Adolf Hitler is very responsible for in

which the ways he convinced so many Germans into hating these 'impure'

innocent people, he was not entirely at fault for the holocaust

happening. He was influenced very much by other anti - Semitic

leaders, there could have possibly been another leader and public

speaker who could have for filled the role that he did for the

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