Main Aspects of the Holocaust

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Main Aspects of the Holocaust This project looks back at many of the main aspects of the Holocaust. On most topics I have focused in on one particular event or place (like Auschwitz for the camps or Kristallnacht for the Nazi rise). I did this as I think the Holocaust has to be looked upon on a more personal and individual level to see how bad it was and you can't really do this by simply over viewing a certain topic. I have chosen to cover the main bog standard areas like camps, Ghettos etc. Because, although it is slightly unoriginal, I knew little about them and wanted to find something out. Also, I don't think people appreciate just how bad some aspects (like the Ghettos) actually were. I didn't, which was another reason why I choose to cover all the major topics. 1 Background, factors and long term causes to the Holocaust The formation and growth of Hitler and the Nazi party Hitler born in 1889 and moved to Germany in 1913, where he served his new country as they lost WW1. After the war, he returned to Germany, where he found a country in an economic and cultural mess. Everywhere he turned his eyes were met with scenes of starvation, poverty, desperation and bloody street fights everywhere. People were in despair after the war, revolutions were happening everywhere, each having their own answer which the German people craved in order to stop their country being the economic disaster that it was. These revolutions/organisation parties which were being set up all focused around the answer to the current German struggle. Most of the parties opinions and main beliefs were similar as they focused around patriotic, an... ... middle of paper ... ...e it is clear that Germany is set to lose the war. April 44: Allied forces overun more camps and free inhabiting Jews. Same month: Hitler kills himself in his Berlin bunker. Contents Page Number/ Chapter on…. Chapter Number ( Page 1) Brief timeline of the major events Chapter 1 (Page 2) Quick introduction and look at key background factors. Chapter 2 (Page 6) Early rise of Nazis and German propaganda Chapter 3 (Page 12) The Ghettos Chapter 4 (Page 18) The Final Solution and the consequently taken actions Chapter 5 (Page 22) Life and survival in the camps Chapter 6 (Page 27) Jewish armed resistance Chapter 7 (Page 33) The Holocaust drawing to an end. Chapter 8 (Page 34) Looking back at the Holocaust today Page 44 Bibliography
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