Causes And Symptoms Of Stress Research Paper

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For me to focus my research, and my paper in particular, it would be important that I develop a research question to be a guideline as I carry out the research. The reason why I feel that a research question will be important is that it will help me direct all my effort to the topic at hand by collectively reading and evaluating different sources of data. The research I intend to discuss in this case is, “What are the Causes and Symptoms of Stress?” When coming up with the research paper, it would be important that I answer a few questions as discussed here below.
Is the Question Directly Answerable?
To ensure that my research question is answerable, I will design it making a few considerations here and there. First, I would seek to ensure that my research question is about a “real world” as opposed to being hypothetical. By focusing on the causes and symptoms of stress, I would have attained this requirement, since stress is a condition that each and every individual goes through in his/her lifetime (Denicolo & Becker, 2012).Secondly, I would ensure that my research question has a manageable set of possible answers. By this, I mean that I would not want my research question to be so open-minded in a way that possible answers to the questions are endless. Thirdly, I would also seek to ensure that I have real-world definitions of all terms. By this, I would attract many thoughts, since most educators are usually attracted by broad topics.
Is the Question Empirically Based?
By answering this question, I would be evaluating whether I can obtain information by means of direct or indirect experience or observation. Here, I may want to know whether I can directly observe instances of stress, symptoms or causes before I can actually sta...

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...ethods of research, mainly used in sociology and literature. Hypothesis on the other hand can be classified under scientific research, mostly employed in mathematics and science (Hoskins, 1998). We can also identify the third difference based on the structure. Here, hypothesis statements are always displayed in form of statements while research questions are always displayed in form of questions.

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