Case Study: The Pathophysiology Of Chronic Heart Failure

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The aim of this report is to provide an overview of chronic heart failure, examining signs symptoms and treatment related to the case study, and the anatomy and physiology of the heart will be discussed, and the pathophysiology of chronic heart failure.
The size of the heart is approximately the size of a persons closed fist. The weight is less than a pound, the heart is snugly enclosed within the Infer mediastinum, and the medial section of the thoracic cavity, the heart is flanked on each side by the lungs (Marieb, 2014). Pericardium surrounds the heart, the fibrous pericardium the superficial part of the pericardium aids in protection of the heart from moving freely around the thoracic cavity. Deep to the fibrous cavity is the serous
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Fasting morning bloods for accurate readings of blood glucose and full blood counts. Admission of diuretics as per doctors’ directions Encouraging the patient to keep feet elevated when sitting or lying, helping the blood flow to the heart. Arranging for the patient to wear special stockings to minimize fluid build-up in the legs (Humphreys, 2011).
Assisting the patient with the five basic activities of daily living bathing, dressing, toileting, eating, and transferring and mobility using aids when needed. Maintaining the client’s personal hygiene and emotional well-being monitoring patient for any signs of exertion. Providing the patient with self-management of medications. Providing the patient with educational materials on their current condition and how to administer their medication (Humphreys, 2011).
Chronic heart failure is a life threating disease, like other chronic diseases such asthma and diabetes chronic heart failure is a condition that is with the patient for life. Chronic heart failure can be very serious and difficult to manage, symptoms of chronic heart failure can be controlled, avoiding unnecessary hospital visit and live a long, healthy life by working with their health care

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