Importance Of Competency-Based Selection

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Competency-based Selection James Thomas University of Maryland University College HRMD 630 Turnitin The term competency is defined in different manner depending on the context of the business. It is used for the ability, competence, skills, and strengths of employees. HR department can assess the competencies of employees in various aspects of current and future role and design HR interventions keeping in mind the core business of the organizations. It may promote self-assessment, peer assessment, and assessment by experts for achieving HR goals of the organization. The human resources management is considered to be a key to manage the core business of the organizations and competency framework is the frame of HR process. HR professionals with a strategic performance management competency are well positioned to facilitate the pace and extent of change in their organizations. According to SHRM, HR systems can be impediments or enablers of rapid organizational change, but HR professionals with this competency will at least understand the business case for HR. Competency and career management has assumed greater importance in the present day companies. It is one of those toughest functions that HR managers handle. This is tough because HR manager are responsible for two conflicting functions. Organizational structures and downsizing of manpower on one side and ensuring career opportunities to the employees on the other side The purpose of selection is to match people to work. It is the most important element in any organization’s management of people simply because it is not possible to optimize the effectiveness of human resources, by whatever method, if there is a less than adequate match. One o... ... middle of paper ... ...a interview. The process of competency based selection and recruitment involves job anylysis, interviewing, testing and selecting the applicant. In the event that an interviewer is unfamiliar with the job opening, out of date job description in unavailable or documentations is needed for the interview process, a job analysis can be conducted. The importance of job analysis in employment interviewing has long been recognized from the standpoint of Human Resources Management. (EEOC, 1978) state there is a legal basis to job analysis. The EEOC require that job analysis be performed as part of the development, application and validation of employee selections procedures. Job analysis should be conducted prior to the applicant interview. Information from the job analysis such as the job description should be used to develop interview question and a scale for rating.
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