Assessment In Career Counseling

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Assessments are an essential part in career counseling. It is needed throughout the entire therapeutic process. The purpose of an assessment is to gather information about the client in terms of his/her personal and cultural context. It is to understand the client better. It is also to provide measurements that are valid and reliable. To conduct an assessment for career counseling, the counselor must be trained and must also possess some ethical and professional responsibilities.

The first ethical responsibility will be the welfare of the client. As a counselor, we are not supposed to misuse the results and interpretations. We must also be responsible and take proper steps to prevent others from misusing the information provided. We must respect the client’s rights to know the results and interpretation made.

The second ethical responsibility will be the explanation to clients. Before conducting the assessment with the client, the counselor is supposed to explain the nature and also the purpose of the assessment that is going to be conducted. Counselors are also supposed to explain about the specific use of the client’s results by potential recipients. All these explanations are to be given in the language that the client speaks or can understand clearly. Counselor are also supposed to consider the client’s personal life, the nature of their relationship, their family, their habits and their career ambitions which is basically the client’s personal context before explaining the results to them. Counselor can also consider the client’s cultural context too such as how the client is influenced cultural wise before explaining the assessment results to them. Counselors are also asked to consider the client’s lev...

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...rly to the client in a normal tone. Repetitions of directions are not advised but however if the client is not clear of the instructions, counselors are allowed to clarify with them. When the assessment is being conducted, the counselor is supposed to walk around and observe the client. This is to make sure that the client is doing the assessment correctly.

Once the assessment is completed, counselors are to collect all the assessment materials immediately to maintain the security of the assessment and for easy reference. Counselors are also to double-check the assessment documents for stray marks and important information in order to identify the client correctly.

Thus, in final conclusion, we can conclude that ethical and professional responsibilities are extremely important to be a professional counselor and to conduct a proper assessment.
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