Cardamom Case Study

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Abstract The lifestyles of the people have been changing radically nowadays. The main purpose of this project is to have the detailed study on the present differences in the lifestyle of the farmers and especially among the cardamom farmers in Munnar. Primary data on demographic characteristics, work life and life style was collected and analyzed using the statistical and research tool descriptive analyze and correlation with SPSS were used to analyze whether there is a compelling change occurs or not. Introduction Cardamom is generally known as “Ilaichi or Elaichi” in India. And it is also known as “Queen of spices”. In India in and around Karnataka, Kerala and TamilNadu the cardamom is harvested. Cardamom is a very expensive and demandable spice…show more content…
Farmers working hours in between 7-8 hours per day and 56 percent people choose the same.33.3 percent of the farmers uses radio/TV/newspaper for knowing about the pesticides and so on 86.7 percent of people are aware of the crop insurance. Most of the farmers market their cardamom through government agencies. 49.3 percent of farmers uses tractor for ploughing. Descriptive statistics of lifestyle of cardamom farmers Table 3 Issues Mean Standard deviation Type of shelter 1.0933 0.29286 Shopping provision 2.1067 0.55928 Type of Vehicles 2.3733 1.06255 House hold articles 1.6800 1.04183 Entertainment 1.6667 0.94916 90.7 percent of people use concrete houses. 68 percent of people prefer weekly market for their Shopping. 33.3 percent of people uses tractor as because it is used for ploughing.64 percent of people have TV in their houses so 60 percent of the people use TV as the great

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