Telecommunication Industry Essay

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Introduction The growth of services sector in our economy is a step forward in the development of Indian economy. In day to day life of an individual the use of mobile phones acts as necessity in getting connected with people for one or the other purpose. India has a largest variety of smartphones available for the users. Because of the fast technologies in smartphones & in market, the networks and services providers of telecom must be updated so as to meet the requirements of people. Indian telecommunication industry is considered to be one of the fastest growing telecom industries in the world. The mounting up of the subscribers reaches to an approximate 800 billion plus users in telecom sector. The industry is growing at as pace in such a way that it will reach a level beyond the telecom markets of USA &…show more content…
Sathish, K. Santhosh kumar, K.J. Naveen, V.Jeevanantham This research paper refers the study with the diversified population of Chennai, tamil nadu. The researcher of this paper believes that a mass of population includes more of low or middle income groups in Chennai. Tamil nadu consists of a mix of all types of income groups. The study uses an intensive literature review to figure out the factors for switching behaviour. Literature reveals about the factors of switching cost, better customer care services, networking coverage, advertising , etc for switching behaviour of customers. The researchers identify the problem of industry that if one firm gains then other must be losing a customer. Number of network providers are increasing calling for an intense competition. Empowerment of technology has led to growth of mobile industry more economical. The objectives are to ascertain best market share of telecom providers, switching attitude of population, most crucial influence in affecting switching behaviour and purchasing a SIM card. Research methodology The research methodology used
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