Can Technology Ameliorate the Human Condition?

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Technology can ameliorate the human condition or at the very least has the potential to do so. What the “human condition” is defined as is in its own self a philosophical problem. However, the best description is the adversity and biological events common to the entire human race. Because of cultural and geographic barriers it is difficult to decide what is common to the entire race, but some things that are generally thought of as being part of the human condition are: economic status, bare necessities to life, uncertainty, physiology, system – making, and perhaps knowing that death is imminent. To ameliorate a condition is to improve something, make it better, or more tolerable. Technology is more than capable of helping or at least making “more tolerable” some of the conditions listed that are common to the human race.

It can be said that ailments, suffering, and death are parts of life that cannot be gotten rid of no matter how technologically advanced our race becomes. But, whether or not these conditions can be completely eliminated is not the issue. Technology can ...
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