Business Writing on Electronic Signature Technology

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Business Writing on Electronic Signature Technology

During our February 3 meeting, upper level management expressed concerns about not being able to deal with customer accounts online. We discussed some of the problems they encounter when trying to process transactions online. We agreed some changes needed to be made and that new technology needs to be researched for our online business transactions. The use of electronic signatures was at the top of our list.

Many of our competitors have already built-in e-signature verification within their systems for online business and for handling their financial records. Using this innovative, high-ranking technology can significantly cut down on the time it takes to process online business. Consequently, it is urgent that we take rapid action toward the procedures required for incorporating the use of Electronic Signatures.

Proposal Solution

An electronic signature program can provide this company with an advanced solution for handling transactions online, as well as for lessening the cost of processing files through mail or long distance traveling. "The use of an e-signature is creating greater consumer confidence in online business transactions…" (Hammar, Sven), over the Internet. One of the most important elements to increasing online business, in conjunction with increasing sales, is to find which type of e-signature program to put into action.

In order to make best use of electronic commerce opportunities, a secure environment with respect to electronic signatures is needed. Several different methods exist to sign documents electronically varying from very simple methods (e.g. inserting a scanned image of a hand-written signature in a word processing doc...

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