Exploring Key Aspects of Human Resource Management

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BUS 1101 Unit 8 Written Assignment There are several aspects involved in human resource management. The topics we will focus on are: recruitment of personnel, training and development function, and performance appraisal. We will also examine how these topics are related and how they fit into human resource management.
Recruitment of Personnel The recruitment process is a vital part of hiring. Recruitment essentially is the search for candidates to fill a vacancy. Recruitment can be done in many ways but it is best to gear the recruitment process towards what will work best for the business. Posting a job opening and holding or attending a hiring fair are both examples of recruiting tactics. The goal of the recruitment process is to create …show more content…

Performance appraisals are typically conducted at regular intervals, depending on the business they may happen annually or semi-annually. Rebecca Knight of the Harvard Business Review has a few tips for giving an effective performance appraisal. First, set expectations early so that employees know how they will be evaluated and what the goals are. Second, lay the groundwork. This step includes gathering any notes regarding the employee that were taken during appraisal timeframe. Knight also suggests having the employee submit a few of their recent accomplishments in the workplace so that there will be a positive light to kick off the appraisal process. Third, managers need to set a tone. Knight suggests avoiding the “criticism sandwich” which involves providing a compliment, critique, and then another compliment because it can be confusing for some employees. Be blunt and honest, and do not sugarcoat the negatives. Fourth, the manager should constructively coach the employee by letting them know of anything they should stop doing, things they should start doing, and anything positive that they should continue doing. Finally, and most importantly, managers must hold their ground. Knight states that if an employee meets their goals and they are to be rated on a scale from one to five, they are a three. If the employee only meets their goals, they are doing what is expected of them so they are an average …show more content…

Often times, performance appraisals are tied with a raise or bonus of some sort. This helps ensure that employees are motivated to perform at higher standards time and time again rather than maintaining mediocre work performance. Generally speaking, the more positive the performance appraisal, the bigger raise/bonus an employee will receive.
How do all the Elements of Human Resource Management Fit Together? Human resource management can be viewed as the spider web that entangles a company’s workforce. HR departments are involved in employee’s work lives from the recruitment and selection process, to the training and development, performance reviews, and the compensation

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