An Analysis of Human Resources Management at TNT

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An Analysis of Human Resources Management at TNT

TNT is the European market leader in global express distribution,

logistics and international mail. Wherever a company operates TNT will

make sure that their documents, consignments and business mail are

delivered safely and on time using their integrated air and road

networks. Their international operations are focused on the key areas

of world trade in Europe, Asia, North and South America. They also

have strong domestic networks in Australia and Europe.

Their operational networks are supported by sophisticated technology

which as well as ensuring service reliability provides real-time,

on-line information on the status of the consignment.

Their central philosophy is to put the customer at the heart of their

business. They aim to be companies’ business partner devising

solutions for all their customers' distribution needs by combining

their core capabilities to create new products and services.

The HRM of TNT empower employees to provide the fastest and most

reliable service which involves upholding the quality principles for

the benefit of all stakeholders involved with the organisation thereby

enabling them to achieve the vision.

The quality principles of TNT are: customer care, leadership, people,

communication, resources, suppliers, processes and the impact on


For each of this principles the HRM makes sure and show how its needs

to be carried out:

· Customer Care: Always listening to and building first class

relationships with their customers to help TNT provide excellent

standards of service and client satisfaction.

· Leadership: Inspiring all members of the TNT team to be outstanding

achievers and building on their make it happen policy through clear

direction, support and accountability.

· People: Recognising individual and team achievements, promoting from

within wherever possible and encouraging everyone to enjoy rewarding

careers that provide security and job satisfaction.

· Communication: Working hard at all times to encourage clear and

honest two-way communications which foster teamwork, they must get

through attitude and staff involvement through an open management


· Resources: Employing the best people in a first class working

environment and supporting them with ongoing training, reliable


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...ager or by the job holder’s


The performance appraisal gives the managers the chance to reward

employees and to thank them for doing a good job.

Appraisal normally takes place once or twice a year. In some

organisations it happens every month every three months. The more

often it is done the better.

At TNT appraisals happens every six months.

The benefits of performance appraisal for the organisation are:

· It helps employees to identify training needs.

· It may reveal other problems – for example, there may be workplace

difficulties with other staff (eg it might be caused by sexual or

racial harassment).

· It may untap useful new skills.

· It improves communications between employees and managers – a few

words of encouragement and praise for doing a good job are often

highly motivating.

· It provides disciplinary documentation – if the employer needs to

dismiss somebody, the existence of through appraisal records, which

identify the person’s inabilities, or lack of effort will be very


· It helps to fix pay rises – increasingly people get performance

related pay which is based upon the appraisal interview.

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