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What is bullying? We might have seen it every day, and we still do not know what it is. In the short story “Black Boy,” Richard Wright shows how he was bullied as a young African American boy. However, bullying is not limited to one type of person living in one time period. It still exists today in the form of young people getting bullied on the streets, and at school. It could be very harmful, and could lead to serious damages, but sometimes it could help by making people stand up for themselves, or it would cause more harm.

First of all, how to define bullying? Some people bully and some get bullied for many reasons, but in some cases it could be very harmful and people should do some things to make the bullying end. One of the fine definitions of bullying is when someone is powering over another person by doing or saying mean effects. For example, as the “what’s bulling” article assumed, it is calling someone names or writing nasty comments about them, leaving them out of activities, threatening them, taking their belongs and damaging them, or forcing them do something they do not want to do (What’s bullying). People bully for many reasons; perhaps they want to look tough or cool, or just to catch

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peoples’ attention and make themselves look as if they are in charge and popular. Also some people get bullied for many reasons, perhaps it is because they are in a new place, look different, speak differently, or because they come from another place. Also the, “What’s Bullying” article informs that, sometimes people are bullied because they look like they will not stand up for themselves (What’s Bullying). Bullying could be harmful at some point, but some people, as the “What’s Bullying” article said, b...

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...for himself. But not everyone could do that; some people could never be as brave as that narrator. As said before it could lead to serious damages, such as, it could effects that person in his or her concentration at school, in his or her confidence, or it could cause serious injuries, or death.

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