Bulleying: AGrowing Issue

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On September 9th, 2013 Rebecca Sedwick committed suicide after being bullied for a year and a half. Rebecca had been bullied by as many as fifteen girls online, prompting her to jump to her death from an abandoned cement factory tower. A year prior to her death, Rebecca was taken out of the school where the bullying occurred, but the bullies found new ways to antagonize her including through the internet. She got attacked and one of the girls who were arrested for her tragic death told that she should “drink bleach and die.” In the United States bullying is becoming a major problem, and very few people are actively working toward a solution. Bullying can happen to anyone whether he or she is popular at school or the outcast. Being bullied is not fun and can cause some major issues with the victims. Since smartphones and laptops started coming out, a new type of bullying has emerged, cyberbullying. Numerous teens are taking advantage social media websites like Facebook, Myspace, and many others and a lot of teens witness cyberbullying while on these sites. While some may try to stop it, but the majority does nothing.
Unfortunately there are four categories in which the bullies fall. The first type is the Vengeful Angel, who doesn’t think of themselves a bully. They believe that they are protecting themselves and others from the actual bully. The Power- Hungry type likes to manipulate the victim into doing whatever they want. Because they want to get a reaction out of people, the Power-Hungry bully, they brag about their actions to anyone who will listen. The third type is the Mean Girl. These girls have no real reason for bullying, but instead are simply bored and looking for entertainment. These girls are extremely immature and a...

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... be very vigilant. They can monitor social media accounts or add internet monitoring software. They also should limit the amount of time on electronics, and ask them if you could look around on their account while they are right next to you. Most importantly talk to children about how serious cyberbullying is.

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