Book Reflection On Ego Is The Enemy

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Tony Dyer
ACC 640
November 14, 2017
Ego is the Enemy – Book Reflection Paper

After reading the book Ego is the Enemy, written by Ryan Holiday, I chose to reflect on the importance of restraining your ego and to continually learn. Within the following paragraphs, I will provide you with an enhanced understanding of my personal experiences of battling my inner-ego, learning from others and becoming a teacher to those who want to learn.

First: Battling my Inner-Ego. Each and every one of us has a personal inner-ego; however, I do not think that we acknowledge the power and influence that our inner-egos’ have on our daily lives until we take a step back and reflect. Personally, I did not realize the influence of my inner-ego until I neared
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The typical work environment consists of two adults and three-to-five youths. Collaborating with your elders can be both challenging and edifying experience. Traditionally adults are seen as the more experienced and skillful individuals; however, many of the youth also have the experience and skill to help better the group. Back in 2011, the main adult leader on my worksite did not have prior metal roofing experience and I felt that it was my responsibility to both share my knowledge and expertise with the adult leader. It was challenging to get the courage to voice my opinions to my elder; however, it was a humbling and edifying experience when the adult leader accepted and thanked me for my contributions. I believe that some of the best teachers in life are free and that everyone should volunteer to become the teacher when an opportunity arises.

Third: Learning from Others. As I plan for my future career in public accounting, I now acknowledge the significance of learning and accepting the contributions of others.

In summary, I would like to conclude that the book Ego is the Enemy has enlightened me to reflect back upon my personal life and to plan for the future. This book has aided me to acknowledge and restrain my personal ego, to learn from those around you, and to be open to becoming a teacher to those who want to
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